The AI For All TimeBank

Democratising AI for Social Good 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than a transformative technology; it's a catalyst for learning, creativity, reasoning, and personal growth. At the ICE AI Collective, we're pioneering a unique approach through our TimeBank model, a global first in integrating AI with community service.

Our members, known as 'The AI Savvy Army,' are dedicated to using ethical AI to foster societal betterment. In our innovative ICE AI TimeBank model, AI is strategically used to optimise the match between members' offered skills and requested services. This system goes beyond mere ‘skills exchange’; it's an educational platform where members can learn about AI and apply it in practical, impactful ways.

Our mission extends to critical areas like healthcare, career development, and education. By leveraging AI for all, we aim to drive environmental sustainability and spur economic growth. Integrating AI into daily life is not just about solving routine problems—it's about building a more equitable, efficient, and interconnected society.


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An introduction to ChatGPT, ethical prompts and more
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A jargon free, fun way to get started with ChatGPT

Preparing you to support your community and enhance your career prospects.


There's an additional, substantial benefit. All AI Savvy Volunteers can allocate their TimeBank hours towards earning the 

ICE AI Collective Savvy Volunteer Certificate in AI4Good

. This certification opens doors to enhanced employment opportunities, making our model a triple win: for the individual, the community, and the future of work.

Join us in this journey where every AI TimeBank interaction is a step towards a smarter, more compassionate society. 

Nadio Granata

Founder ICE AI Collective …democratised AI for social good.