Ash-worth Time Bank

Welcome to Ash-worth Time Bank

Ash-worth Time Bank promotes health, wellbeing and inclusion for those who are lonely and vulnerable through participation in social and leisure opportunities within their community.

We achieve this through an informal network of people who are willing and able to share their skills to build the capacity of those in need - whether they are elderly, in poor health and/or vulnerable.

We want to alleviate the real, practical disadvantages that arise from rural isolation within the villages of Ashton Hayes, Mouldsworth, and the surrounding villages.

We are ready to do whatever it takes to make sure that Ash-worth Time Bank remains at the heart of the Community it serves.

Our vision is to be recognised as a leading example of community cohesion, positively addressing the issues of rural isolation for generations to come.

We started out in 2002 organising job exchanges in Ashton Hayes and Mouldsworth and now have members in 18 other local villages, giving and receiving practical help, as well as a wide range of services. In addition to job exchanges, we organise social and activity groups including lunch groups, Keeping History Alive, Art, French, Knitting, Tai Chi and Textiles. We also have a walking group and organise gentle strolls for people who prefer to walk a shorter distance.

The domino challenge
The Domino Challenge

Origami with Gillian
Mind - FOLD - ness

Determined to Face the Challenges ...

Timebanking links people to share their time and skills. Everyone has something they can offer.

If you want to get involved and make a difference, join us at TimeOnline 2 now or contact our office on (01829) 751398. Our email address is For further information, please visit our website