The Community Organisers Time Bank

Working with people to build their collective power

Putting people first in all we do

People Led - We believe in listening and putting the common agenda of people first in all that we do. We seek to create the conditions for making change possible and encourage individuals to take responsibility and ownership for creating the change that they want.

Working together to build collective power to tackle poverty and injustice
Working Together

Collaboration - We believe that through building strong relationships and powerful networks, that value individuals, people can achieve lasting social change.

To promote and advocate for a more just society where people are able to challenge constructively for change
Making Change Possible

Change - We are committed to support people in the belief that they have the ability and potential to create change and transform their community for the common good.

The Community Organisers Time Bank

Timebanking links people to share their time and skills.

Everyone’s time is equal: one hour of help earns one time credit to spend when you need it.

The Community Organisers Time Bank operates with an asset-based philosophy that everyone has something to give to help another regardless of age, ability, or background.

Why Timebanking?

Based on the concept of ‘co-production’, timebanking is a means of exchange designed to value and utilise the abundant assets that lie dormant in people and organisations.

Time banks build social networks of people who give and receive support from each other.

Timebanking enables people from different backgrounds and/or geographical areas – who may not otherwise meet – to come together and form connections and friendships.

A highly effective community development tool, time banks empower individuals and groups to bring about change, make choices, and take control of their own lives and neighbourhoods.

Timebanking has been around in the UK since 1998. Since that point it has witnessed extraordinary growth, being applied to many and varied settings across the public, private, and community sectors.

And it is not just a UK phenomenon; the timebanking journey began in Japan in 1973, and has now spread to over forty countries in six different continents!

Join the Corganisers Time Bank

The Community Organisers Time Bank operates using the national timebanking exchange software Time-On-Line2.

If you are an individual Community Organiser, or an organisation such as a Social Action Hub, you can register to join the Corganisers’ Time Bank by clicking HERE.

Please note: by joining the Community Organisers Time Bank scheme you consent to your information being stored on the Timebanking UK Time-On-Line2 Time Bank system.

Corganisers’ Time Bank

How Timebanking works – five easy pieces:

1. People list the skills and experience which they can offer and those that they may need.

2. Everyone’s skills are valued equally – one hour always equals one time credit.

3. Everyone agrees to both give and to receive help; to earn and to spend their time credits.

4. A record is kept of all the time credits earned and spent using the ‘Time-ON-Line’ system.

5. Everyone is encouraged to spend their time credits to allow others the chance to make a difference and feel needed.


Community Organisers’ Time Bank open for business on 1st August 2018.

For the last six months, some Members of the Community Organising Network have been exploring our new online Community Organisers Time Bank, using the website to find support, exchange knowledge and skills, and give help and advice to others.

The CO Time Bank provides a way for people to share their time and skills by exchanging them with others for ‘Time Credits’, which they – in turn – can use to exchange for the things that they need.

Now, the Time Bank is open to everyone in our network, to pool our resources, skills, and experience – enabling us all to help each other for the common good. Please take some time to look at the website, open an account, and spend some time with us!

Looking forward to spending time with you.

Check back frequently for more news and information.