Calderdale Friends of Dorothy TimeBank

Calderdale Friends of Dorothy is an inclusive group of older lesbians (over the age of 50yrs) who live in the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire.

We want to raise awareness of the issues facing us as we age.

We have a proud history here in Calderdale of battling to live our lives positively and, over the years, we have created a strong and vibrant community.

We are acutely aware however, that we will all need support of some description, as we get older and, for some of us, the Covid Pandemic has made our lives seem smaller. We aim to strengthen our links with each other and help us all recognise our strengths as well as acknowledging some vulnerabilities.

Dorothy’s Time Bank is part of this initiative.

We are using a Time Banking model where time is the unit of exchange; one hour of your time is worth one hour of my time. For more information about time banking:

Take a look at our website:

 Dorothy’s Time Bank is only open to our members.

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Recent Award from Hebden Bridge Community Association