ONE HOUR Community Timebank

Hello and welcome to the ONE HOUR Community Timebank.

A Timebank offers local people, organisations or businesses the chance to share skills and build community simply by helping one another.

It’s a local group that runs on a time exchange system. Members of the ONE HOUR Timebank advertise their skills, hobbies and interests through their Timebank broker.  Other members can utilise these skills and will then offer their own time and skills to another Timebank member in payment. This means the circle of sharing and giving of skills in the community continues!

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If you feel you have a lot to offer the Timebank but you are unsure how the Timebank could help you, remember you can donate your hours earned in the Timebank to other family members who are ONE HOUR members or you can donate them back to the ONE HOUR community Timebank and your broker can distribute them to other members who need extra support.


Here’s an example: Steve, a technology wizz wants to spruce up his garden but he is no Alan Titchmarsh! He doesn’t know the difference between a weed and a wisteria. So Steve helps Joan build up some I.T skills on her computer and in return, Joan helps Steve with his garden. Joan is an active member of the local allotment group and has won the who can grow the biggest pumkin competition 2 years on the trot! 

ONE HOUR treats every member equally, all our time is valuable and we all have something to give. Swapping time in this way encourages people to get involved in their community. As the group of members increases more neighbours will get to know eachother, when people come together great things start to happen!



If you live in east Manchester, or own a local business in the area and want to share your skills with our community, the ONE HOUR community Timebank could be the perfect oppotunity for you.  All we need are 2 references and your attendance at one of our introduction sessions. Our introduction sessions are informal and they are a great oppotunity to meet new people from your area and find out what is going on.