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Activity Description Type Starts Expires No. avail Hours
Misc. DIY / Gardening
"Creating the top for set of storage cupboards"
I have a old table top which I would like to have altered to become the top of a set of storage cupboards in our living room. The table top has already been split in half vertically which works better for the shape of the cupboard. The two pieces would need to be fitted together and to end and then shortened slightly.
Request 02/10/2019 01/01/2020 1 5.00
Misc. Home Help
"Help with general household chores"
Help to get straight and on top of the housework,
Offer 04/10/2019 03/01/2020 1 1.00
Other Advice / guidance
"Expert to check gas appliance"
Flame on Hob rings comes up too high (5 inches)
Request 03/11/2019 02/02/2020 1 1.00
"Electrical check"
I have a pair of hair straighteners that are no longer working. I have checked the fuse and that is ok.
Request 04/11/2019 03/02/2020 1 1.00
Misc. DIY / Gardening
"Garden tidy up"
Whole garden needs a 'pre-winter' tidy up, eg clear leaves, final mow, lawn edging.
Request 04/11/2019 03/02/2020 1 1.50
Other Advice / guidance
"Set up a website"
This lady would like someone to set up a website for her to advertise her trade - psychotherapist
Request 04/11/2019 03/02/2020 1 4.00
Misc. Home Help
"General housework"
This is in Little Paxton Initial help and could become regular once a month
Request 18/11/2019 17/02/2020 1 1.00
Misc. Timebank Help
Member unable to do shopping and requires help with this.
Request 18/11/2019 17/02/2020 1 2.00
Timebank Help
"help with housework"
Help with getting housework up to date.
Request 18/11/2019 17/02/2020 1 1.50
Misc. DIY / Gardening
"Blind to be fitted"
A blind needs to be fitted in the kitchen
Request 18/11/2019 17/02/2020 1 1.50
Misc. DIY / Gardening
"Curtain rail put up"
This member needs a curtain rail put up
Request 18/11/2019 17/02/2020 1 2.00
"Someone who does cross stitch to visit"
Member would like company with someone that also does cross stitch sewing.
Request 18/11/2019 17/02/2020 1 1.00
Misc. DIY / Gardening
General help with garden - unable to do herself
Request 27/11/2019 26/02/2020 1 2.00
Misc. DIY / Gardening
"Pruning 2 bushes"
Trim Lilac and Forsythia bush
Request 02/12/2019 01/03/2020 1 2.00
Misc. Computer
"Help with computer"
Computer not working properly
Request 02/12/2019 01/03/2020 1 1.00