Welcome to the Pembrokeshire Timebank Network

Pembrokeshire Time Bank Network exists to support the development of community time banks across Pembrokeshire.
Time banks are places where people exchange time with each other and for doing so, earn time credits - 1 hour = 1 time credit. Time credits can be used to buy hours of time from other community members, or to access services around the County.
Our intention is to create spaces where people can help each other and get to know each other. Ultimately, we are simply a support structure for carrying out neighbourly activity.
If you would like more information please email the Network Co-ordinator, Lee Hind - lee.hind@pavs.org.uk. If you prefer you can call 07973 636302

Launch Day at Newport Time Bank

Piggy Time Bank

VC Gallery Time Bank

We intend to open time banks in many communities across Pembrokeshire - you can see links to the existing time banks below - if there is one in your area, click the link to go that time banks page to get more information on opening times and how to join. If there isn't one near you, please contact the Network Coordinator who will be able to talk to you about when one might be opening in your area.

We work in what is called an 'asset based' way - this means that we concentrate on what can be done rather than what cannot be done - what is strong, rather than what is wrong. We believe that everyone has something to give regardless of their background or current circumstances - even if you think you have nothing to offer, it's worth talking to your local time bank to see what they can do.

In Pembrokeshire, the time credits you earn can be used in 3 different ways - you can donate them to someone else, you can buy hours of time from other people in the time bank or, you can use them with one of our project sponsors. Your time bank will be able to show you a brochure with all of the project sponsors that are currently supporting Pembrokeshire Time Bank Network. Your time bank will also be able to explain how you can swap your time credits to access these services. So far, our project sponsors include all Leisure Centres, Phoenix Bowl, CQB Adventures and Bluestone - plus many more.

Pembrokeshire Time Bank Network encourages everyone to join their local time bank. For general information about time banking and the way it works in Pembrokeshire, contact the Network Coordinator via lee.hind@pavs.org.uk or by phone 07973 636302