Welcome to Sawston Timebank

We are the Timebank for the people of Sawston (and surrounding villages).  This exciting venture is to bring the village community together by sharing our time, interests, knowledge and skills. Everyone is welcome regardless of age or abilities, including local businesses, schools and organisations. 

Sawston Timebank supports the local community and aims to increase social inclusion and reduce isolation.

Possible ways people can help are by doing some shopping for someone, collecting a prescription, walking a dog, meeting up for a chat or gentle exercise or having a friendly chat over the phone.

Please get in touch if you need any help, are willing to offer any assistance or would like to get involved.

We have a regular programme of activities both in person and on-line
We  now have virtual Laughter Yoga and the ever popular weekly on-line quiz for Timebank members. 

Members can meet in person every week for coffee and games, knit and natter, litter picking or social strolls

Please get in touch if  you would like to access any of the above or have something else to offer your community

This is your Timebank community, so we welcome your ideas and feedback as we develop and grow.


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Members playing Kingmaker game
Playing Kingmaker game
Timebank award for making over 200 syringe driver bags!

Timebanking is a way for local people to come together and help each other by exchanging knowledge, help and skills. 

Everyone has something to offer at the Timebank from making cake, picking up a prescription, walking a dog, doing some gardening, visiting someone for a cup of tea, whatever you do will make a difference to the person that needs your help.

You get a Timebank hour for helping, which you can use to get something back. That may be help with your mobile or tablet, learning how to hem a skirt, someone picking up a loaf of bread, or gaining some new skills.

Everyone’s time is equal, so one hour of my time is equal to one hour of your time, irrespective of whatever we choose to exchange.

However it’s not just about giving and receiving. Timebanking is also about bringing people together to build a stronger, safer and happier community.

The exchanges can go on and on, as do the new friendships, connections and networks that are made. Members feel less isolated and more supported in their own community.

For more information please contact Sawston Parish Council
Phone: 01223 832470
Email: clerk@sawstonparishcouncil.gov.uk
Facebook: Sawston Timebank

Hope to see you soon.