Welcome to Ashford Volunteer Centre Timebank

You've just discovered the town's first timebank! This is your chance to think local and do something great for our community.

Do you have skills you would like to share? Would you like to learn something new?

Timebanks are a way for people to help others and be rewarded for it. For every hour of time you give helping someone, you receive one time credit which you can exchange when you need help from someone else.

Anyone can join the timebank. Just a few terms and conditions apply to ensure the peace of mind of all taking part. 

Simply sign up from the tab above to get started....

Timebank Zoom Sessions - free, fun and friendly! 

  • Every Friday morning at 9.30am - Weekly Gentle Yoga Class with Lorna from Ashford Yoga - join via  Zoom

All are welcome to join our sessions! Contact us at timebank@ashfordvc.org.uk or call 01233 665535 for more information.


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Ashford High Street
Anyone in the town centre area can get involved
Put the heart back into Ashford by getting involved!

Exterior of Berwick House where Ashford Volunteer Centre is based
Come and visit us at Berwick House!
Ashford Volunteer Centre's office in Elwick Road

People's hand connecting together
Make connections and build a community
Timebanking is simply people helping people - and it's so easy to join in!

How does timebanking work?

1 hour = 1 time credit
For every hour you volunteer, you earn one time credit. You can then use this to ask for help in return, or donate it to our community pot where it will be used to help others.

Everyone's time is valued equally
Regardless of what skills you can offer, everyone's time is equal. So one hour of your time is equal to one hour of someone else's time.

Timebanking is for everyone
It's free to become a member of the timebank and it's open to anyone aged 18 or over, regardless of ability, skills or situation. Best of all, it's help is free!

Why not join us and find out just how rewarding timebanking can be!

Joining is quick and easy. Simply sign up online, or contact us for a registration form. 

Forms can be returned by email to timebank@ashfordvc.org.uk or by post to AVC, Berwick House, 8 Elwick Road, Ashford.

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