Volunteers needed at all times

 To help those who feel lonely.

 If you would like to become a phone friend 

please do get in touch

 to find out more


Maybe you know how to set up a computer, bake a cake or have time to meet someone for a cup of tea. Perhaps you love gardening or can speak another language

Timebanking is about sharing skills and time. What ever your passions or expertise, everyone has something to offer.
Through timebanking you can.
  • Choose when and how often you would like to volunteer
  • Offer your skills and spare time to help others
  • Support, family, friends, neighbours and meet new people
  • Bank the hours you volunteer and ask for help in return
One hour = 1 Time Credit
For every hour you volunteer you can bank a Time Credit and ask for help in return

How can I join?
Contact us to become a member. It's FREE to join and open to anyone regardless of skills or availability to regularly commit
Contact us now on: 01376 - 550507

Braintree: Proud to be a part of Time Bank Network Essex
Community360 Offices Braintree Library Fairfield Road Braintree CM7 3YL
Telephone: 01376 -  550507

Timebank volunteering helps people support eachother while building  friendships in the community

Community360 can make it possible for you, your friends and neighbours to support eachother. 

Community360 can help you make it happen.

 call the Braintree team on  01376 - 550507 


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Finding your Feet
Walking - The best way to improve your health

We provide outreach support in all Braintree District Libraries

Please do get in touch to find out more

You will find one of the C360 in Braintree Library once a month
Volunteer Essex

For all of your Volunteering needs - if you wish to become a Volunteer and would like to explore all the amazing opportunities or if you are looking for Volunteers call and arrange a visit. or have a look at Volunteer Essex 

Braintree Activities

 FREE slipper exchanges - most falls happen at home because of poor fitting slippers - C360 help by providing a FREE pair of well fitted non slip slippers - please do call to find out more 

Computer groups are coming to the Hedinghams. If you would like sessions to your area please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Monday Mornings On-board group is Free to join.  We are an informal group of people who come together for Tea/coffee, a chat, a board or card game and even day trips. 

Please call to find out where we are meeting each week. 

Finding your Feet walks in Finchingfield - Witham - Coggeshall & Bures

 call Phil or Jo to find out more about the above and all the other things we get up to: 

01376 - 550507

volunteering can enrich lives of both volunteers and beneficiaries helping to create a stronger, happier and inclusive community for now and the future