Welcome to Brentwood Time Bank

What is Brentwood Time Bank? - it is an exciting new way to give help to others in your community by offering any skills you have. You can then exchange the time you give, for the help you may need yourself, or you can donate your time to others in need.

• It’s ad-hoc volunteering in your community as and when some-thing is requested that you can help with;

• It’s neighbourly help and support with safeguards;

• It’s social and friendly;

• You only do what you want, when you want;

• Everyone is interviewed and provides references;

• You can earn Time Credits for any voluntary work you are already doing.


When you become a member, you are given an account. Then when you give time to help another member, Time Credits are ‘deposited’ into your account. The credits can then be ‘withdrawn’ when there is something you would like done.

Everyone has something to offer, whether they are qualified in a trade or they are a good listener. Maybe you are a computer expert or you could pick up some shopping.

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Everyone's time is valued equally
1 hour = 1 time credit

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It’s neighbourly help and support with safeguards

It’s social and friendly!


It’s free to become a member of Brentwood Time Bank and its open to anyone, regardless of age, ability, skills or situation. When joining, we ask for the names and addresses of two character referees. It may also be necessary for us to do a DBS check, depending on what help is offered.