Welcome to Chesterfield Time Bank

This year the UK celebrates 20 years of Time banking

What's on locally
  • Level 2 Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems. This is a free on-line course offered via Time Bank which is open to both time bank members and non-timebank members alike. Please contact the office for further infomation.

  • Members are having fun getting to grips with the new on-line system which enables members to post and manage their own offers and requests.

The winner of the Time Bank Chocolate anagram quiz
Chocolate anagram quiz winner - well done Yvonne! .

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This Saturday - all welcome

.20 years of Time Banking in the UK

5 Core Principles of Co-production ;

*ASSETS - we all have something to give

*HONORING REAL WORK - The work of building home, family, community

*RECIPROCITY - Asking recievers to become givers as well

*COMMUNITY - Acknowledging our interdependence

*RESPECT - Demanding accountability to all