August 2020

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What's on locally 
  • Member check in's  - Please contact Time Bank if you would like to be in contact with  other members.  This is called the "OK today?" group. 
  • Incredible Edible Chesterfield - Everyone is welcome to join this group "if you eat, you're in!" It all about growing edible food in public spaces.      

  • Time2share :  This is a group of time bankers who have got together to tackle food waste.  So far, 2990 Kg of food has successfully been diverted from waste.  


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Incredible Edible Chesterfield
Be part of something Incredible!
Wishing everyone all the very best for the coming year

Last month (July) 107 hours of time was given and received by members in a total of 70 exchanges.  

Happy timebanking!