What is Timebanking ?

Timebanking is a skill exchange network, where people have the opportunity to help each other and are rewarded in the form of time credits for the help that they give. It is a money-free system where everyones time is of equal value regardless of the task and you can trade an hour of giving, for an hour of receiving!

Timebanking is a great way to get involved in the community, an opportunity to met other people who you may otherwise never have met.  
Timebanking is a two way process and an enjoyable way get things done that won't get done otherwise.
Time Banking is free to join and open to all and has a wide variety of skills within it's membership. 
It is our belief that everyone is of value and has something to give. 
If you want to find out more about Time Banking or request to join - please don't hestitate to contact us 
Tel : 01246 204418
Email :

You can also complete the online request to "join"  here on TimeOnline2. 

  • Time Bank exchanges  - Have a look at the "offers/requests" page to see the current tasks.   
  • Incredible Edible Chesterfield - This is a Time Bank group "if you eat, you're in!" Members time bank together as a group. It's all about growing edible food in public spaces.  Anyone can join in - no specific skills required. 
  • Time2share :  This is another Time Bank group, started when members got together to tackle food waste. It's been running since 2019,  with 24348 Kg of food saved from waste so far. Again. anyone can join in - no specific skills required.  


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Incredible Edible Chesterfield
Be part of something Incredible!
Wishing everyone all the very best for the coming year

Happy timebanking!