Welcome to Chesterfield Time Bank

 18 years of timebanking in Chesterfield ! 


  Exciting News ! We are now in the Tesco's Bags for help scheme and our project "21st Century Time Banking" and voting in store has started. The voting will be open during May and June.   Fingers crossed.  

What's on locally 
  • Member meet ups - The next members meet up TBC

  • A.G.M. Date set ; Wednesday 24th July 2019
  • Members are having fun getting to grips with the new on-line system "Timeonline2" which enables members to post and manage their own offers and requests. Please contact the broker if you need any help on the system and please remember to edit your preferences on your login profile. 

  • Incredible Edible Chesterfield  - next meeting will be 28th May, in the New Whittington. Please contact the broker for further information. 


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Incredible Edible Chesterfield
Be part of something Incredible!
Happy 18th Birthday Chesterfield Time Bank!.
Happy 18 years of timebanking!

18 years of independant timebanking in Chesterfield!

Free Course

NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems

Do you have the time to study and gain a nationally recognised qualification at no financial cost - only cost is your time? The course is fully funded by the Government and also long distance (on-line with physical reference books) which means you can study at your own pace and venue. Other courses (funded) are also available, please contact Time Bank for further information.    


Chesterfield Time Bank is an independant Time Bank.  Any donations are greatfully recieved. If you would like a "small change" donation pot, please contact the broker. 

Time Bank will be having a craft stall at Old Whittington Gala this year Saturday 30th June. Please contact the broker if you would like to be involved or have any craft items you would like to donate or sell. 

Donations can also be given direct : https://www.wonderful.org/charity/chesterfieldtimebank

5 Core Principles of Co-production ;

*ASSETS - we all have something to give

*HONORING REAL WORK - The work of building home, family, community

*RECIPROCITY - Asking recievers to become givers as well

*COMMUNITY - Acknowledging our interdependence

*RESPECT - Demanding accountability to all