Leith Time Bank is an exciting idea that gives local people the opportunity to share time and skills to develop the community of Leith. We know everyone has skills, knowledge and experience to offer, which could be beneficial to someone, such as gardening, sewing, listening, simple repairs and running errands. Time Banking is a way for people to exchange their skills and time. For every hour members “deposit” in a Time Bank, perhaps by giving practical help and support to others, they are able to “withdraw” equivalent support in time when they themselves are in need. Everyone's time is valued equally whatever is being offered. 1 hour = 1 Time Credit.

Group Activities:  Every month we offer a programme of activities for local people toparticipate in. The activities range from weekly language classes andculture group meet-ups to one-off events, such as a gardening squadto attending football matches. 

An extra bonus for you: You can choose to donate your spare time credits tosomeone else, a family member or friend or to acommunity organisation. You can also donate to the community pot, which provides help and support toolder people and carers who are not best placed tocontribute to the Time Bank themselves. 


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GameChanger and LTB
Hibs GameChanger and Leith Timebank

The GameChanger Transfer Programme was inspired by GameChanger wanting to maximise the skills and time offered by their volunteers. GameChanger has identified an untapped volunteering capacity. The timebanking concept was identified as a way of achieving this. Rather than GameChanger setting up a separate Timebank, it was more apt to tap into the established local Leith Timebank project, which has established infrastructure. 

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Investing in Volunteers

Timebanking UK Quality Mark
Leith Timebank awarded Timebanking UK Quality Mark

The Timebanking UK Quality Mark™ is awarded to time banks that adhere to the core values of timebanking and operate in such a way that they develop, support and celebrate good timebanking practice as recommended by Timebanking UK.

The main focus of the project is to support older people, carers and adults (under 65 as well as 65+) with multi-morbidity. However, this is not exclusive and other demographic groupings are members, thus all benefiting from this intergenerational work, ensuring the service is “inclusive” and “barrier-free”, and building a stronger community. Involvement of older people and carers provides support to enable them to live independently at home and to tap into the wealth of the skills, experience and knowledge that older people have to contribute to their local communities. Subsequently, older people, carers and adults with multi-morbilities have improved health and well-being and an enhanced quality of life, creating more resilient individuals and communities. Thus, older people are able to look after themselves better, resulting in less need to call on statutory and health services.