Welcome to Penparcau Time Bank.  Croeso i Banc Amser Penparcau.

We are a community-led organisation that develops sustainable and inclusive community activities for the benefit of all.

Timebanking is an exchange of time - a way of spending one hour of time helping someone out in exchange of hours of someone else's time, activity, or experience.  No money is exchanged.  The idea is to introduce a mutual benefit between the organisation and individuals, with the aim to attract everyone to share their skills and time. Timebank aims to attract all members of the community to get involved.  

Timebanking looks at your skills and believes strongly that everyone has something to give, our role within the TimeBank will be to match skills with what the community needs.

By sharing your skills you will feel productive, generous and happy.


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Sut i gymryd rhan / How to get Involved
Os oes awr gen chi rhoi - dewch i weld y Banc 

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