Welcome to St Neots TimeBank

A friendly community of members helping each other

in the PE19 area of Cambridgshire England

St Neots TimeBank is open to all residents living in the PE19 area only, registration is free. Skills offered are rewarded with hours which can be utilised to ‘pay’ someone else to help you or for you to exchange for Time Vouchers which can be used for free entry into many activities and entertainments across England & Wales. Our aims are to help those that can no longer do some things, do not know how to or just do not have the time. There’s no pressure to help just give time when you can offer the skill required and are available at the time needed. Apart from our everyday exchanges the underlying benefits have particularly made a difference to people with depression and for some given companionship which has ended their feelings of isolation. TimeBank members enjoy activities including social events, educational and informative gatherings giving mutual support and sharing time. Help and/or companionship is just a call away.

Quality Mark Logo

St Neots TimeBank, launched in March 2012 and continues to expand to this day. We have carried the TBUK quality mark since 2015, this year it was awarded to us again for a further 3 years. In 2015 we were also voted the Charity of the year by Town Council and this year (December 2018) our reputation went worldwide with BBC world services who featured us in their program: ‘People Fixing the World instead of World Hacks’ 

Unfortunately we are only able to accept membership applications from those living within the UK designated geographical  area of PE19 Cambridgeshire ENGLAND

We organise monthly Coffee mornings, a Members and friends Group and a Members Evening - a Monthly Newsletter is circulated giving you full details of these events. To join or just be added to our mailing list please send name, address and email address to time.volunteers@outlook.com. Please state if interested as an individual or an Organisation(Please name). 

St Neots TimeBank is a 'Safety Net' for all our members


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TimeBanking is for all ages

This photo was taken at our International Day - students cooked meals from around the world and members were invited to a taster session

Garden Bonanza

This was taken at one of our monthly Coffee morning each with a different theme

Easter Bonnet Competition

This was taken at one of our monthly Coffee morning each with a different theme

How does it work?

As a member you will soon receive a copy of our handbook and a request for two references (friends, neighbours or work associates) Plus we will send details of Tempo Vouchers - these are vouchers that you can exchange for the hours you earn (One hour helping another member = one Tempo voucher). These vouchers give you free access to many venues, activitites and entertainment across England and Wales. (see www.timecredits.org for full details of where they can be used as entrance fee. 

o Have a look at the offers and requests page for inspiration of skills given and received

o Think about how you could contribute to the timebanking community and what you would like in return

o Make a profile page that says a bit about who you are, also complete the 'activity preferences' page with skills offered and needed.

o Post or accept an offer

o Respond to a request or post a new one

o Message members regarding their offers and requests

o Once the exchange has been accepted, arrange the date and time it will take place via the messaging system on the software

o Don’t forget to record you exchanges – please note; both parties need to confirm the exchange has taken place in order for this to appear as ‘complete’.

o Remember that an hour of your time is equal to an hour of someone else’s regardless of the activity

o Time banks are based on reciprocity – members need to both give and receive hours in order for the time bank to keep going.  

Everyone has something to offer - just time spent on the phone can brighten someone's day and earn you time.

                                 So – what are you waiting for? why not join, have a go and add an offer or request now!

                                                                Any concerns or for further information contact:

                                  the Broker from this Data Base, call Georgina on 07590909057 or email time.volunteers@outlook.com