Tara Time Collective

Tara Time Collective is a mutual support network for the exchange of skills and services in Lancaster & District focusing particularly on health and wellbeing. We are a newly established timebank, set up in response to the current challenges facing our community. We are working closely with the Council and all local community and voluntary sector organisations working around health & wellbeing in our District. The timebank is an initiative of the Tara Project Lancaster CIC, an established community organisation dedicated to promoting love and kindness.


We aim to galvanise the social infrastructure within our community, ensuring that relationships and ties between its members are recognised for their value and contribution. The goodwill transactions that happen between neighbours, such as food delivery and prescription pick ups, has been the bedrock of the public response to Covid-19 and Tara Time Collective wants to shine a light on these activities and embed them into the continuing growth and recovery of our communities.


We want to strengthen the bonds that sustain a community and co-create the foundations of wellbeing. By pooling our resources as community citizens we offer a chance to live interdependently, with less financial and emotional stress. Knowing there is someone who can help you out within your community reduces feelings of isolation and alleviates pressure on our health. We want to build on the abundance of kindness and compassion all around us, bringing people together as co-producers for a more sustainable and fairer future.

How to join

It's simple to apply to join the timebank. We need 2 references and need to meet you in person either at one of our social gatherings or at a mutually convenient time. 

*You can email our Timebank Manager Julie Meyfroidt at julie@taracentrelancaster.org.uk or                        

* call/text Julie at 07803 891 650 (please leave your number and Julie will call you back).