Welcome to Totton Timebank

Strengthening the community of Totton & Eling and building skills an hour at a time.

Publicity poster inviting people to coffee on Fridays
Help our Totton community by joining our Allotment and/or Community Lunch groups
To find out more, or just for a coffee, drop-in on:

Fridays 1.30pm - 2.30pm

Last Thursday of the month 10am - 12noon

at Totton & Eling Community Centre, Testwood Lane, Totton SO40 3AP

Email: tottontimebank@gmail.com  Phone: 07432 431655

Timebanking links people to share their time and skills. Everyone’s time is equal: one hour of help earns one time credit to spend when you need it. We operate with an asset-based philosophy that everyone has something to give to help another regardless of age, ability or background.