Warwick District
Warwick District Timebank is open to anyone aged 14 or over who lives or works within Warwick District.
All you need to join is 2 references, one personal and one professional.

The timebank enables its members to help each other and the community as well as being able to receive help themselves. Everyone's hour is worth an hour and everyone has something they could offer and a lot they could gain by getting involved.

Timebanking is a simple, social way to connect with others, swap and share skills and services as well as strengthening the communities we live in. All you need to join is two character references (one personal and one professional) and away you go!
Timebanking is open to individuals of all abilities, employment status or mobility.

Everyone is welcome.

We also have organisational members. These organisations must be not for profit and offer occasional or regular volunteering opportunities.

Any questions, please contact Mick Spicer, our timebroker on 07821 465766 and he'll be happy to help


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