hOUR Timebank - Members Area

How does it work?

o Have a look at the offers and requests page for inspiration of skills given and received

o Think about how you could contribute to the timebanking community and what you would like in return

o Make a profile page that says a bit about who you are

o Post or accept an offer

o Respond to a request or post a new one

o Message members regarding their offers and requests

o Once the exchange has been accepted, arrange the date and time it will take place via the messaging system on the software

o Don’t forget to record you exchanges – please note; both parties need to confirm the exchange has taken place in order for this to appear as ‘complete’.

o Remember that an hour of your time is equal to an hour of someone else’s regardless of the activity

o Time banks are based on reciprocity – members need to both give and receive hours in order for the time bank to keep going.

So – what are you waiting for? why not have a go and add an offer or request now!

Please note:

Time Online 2 is currently in the development stage so this page and some others may change without warning.