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Activity Description Type Starts Expires No. avail Hours
IT Support
"Membership with hOUR Timebank"
If you need any help whatsoever relating to becomming a member of hOUR Timebank or help with your profile please do not hesitate in contacting me.
Offer 20/12/2018 19/03/2019 1 1.00
Web Site Design
"WordPress advice"
I can give basic advice on how to use WordPress
Offer 18/12/2018 31/12/2019 1 2.00
"Strimming brambles"
I have an area amongst trees with brambles that need strimming. I can provide the strimmer if necessary and of course petrol.
Request 20/12/2018 19/03/2019 1 3.00
Misc. Health and Beauty
"Help with post car crash symptoms"
I was involved in a serious road traffic incident May bank holiday weekend 2018. Any help would be gratefully received regarding a physical and emotional recovery. My body is out of whack due to whiplash, and have post traumatic symptoms.
Request 23/12/2018 31/12/2021 1 1.00
Giving a lift
"Help with shopping"
I can help with lifts for shopping in the Drimoleague / Dunmanway area.
Offer 20/12/2018 19/03/2019 1 2.00
"A Simple Dressmaking Project"
I have a nicely fitting, loose tunic that I had handmade for me but I have since lost contact with the seamstress. I would like a person with dressmaking skills to make one copy of the garment for me in a soft and comfortable plain fabric. I would supply the materials. It is a very simple pattern and would only require basic dressmaking skills.
Request 18/12/2018 17/03/2019 1 4.00
"Writing Fiction, Non-Fiction, Letter Writing, etc. And Proofreading"
Writing – including fiction, non-fiction, letter writing, etc. I have skills in each of the above and I received a Quora Top Writer award, 2018. I can also proofread for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary, and make suggested edits. If you wish, I can also re-write for style, clarity, and tone. Number of hours required will depend on the length of the work. For writing projects, you can message or email me your requirements, including any necessary details you wish to be included in the work. I will write the project, check with you as to how well it meets your expectations and make edits as required until you are happy with the work. I can also work with you over the phone in order to gain a sense of what you wish to convey and the nuances which you wish me to articulate for you, and then I will write accordingly. For proofreading, you can email me a digital copy. I will proofread it carefully and compile any necessary edits. I will then return the edited version to you for your assessment and should you deem any further work to be required I will continue to edit it until you are happy with the final results. I will also be pleased to work with you over the phone for proofreading work so long as I have a copy of the work to be proofread in front of me for reference.
Offer 18/12/2018 18/11/2019 1 2.00
"House Sitting"
I have experience in house sitting, and am often available at short notice. I can do so anywhere in Ireland. Overnights, weekends, and longer holidays welcome. I can follow instructions and safety protocols, forward messages, receive deliveries, alert the owner in case of emergencies, etc.
Offer 18/12/2018 18/11/2019 1 24.00
Misc. Pet Care
"Pet Sitting"
I have experience in pet sitting, and am often available at short notice. I can do so anywhere in Ireland. Overnights, weekends, and longer holidays welcome. (Please note that I am unable to walk dogs on leash due to my occasional need for crutches arising from mild osteoarthritis). I can, however, provide food, other basic necessities, companionship, some training and play, entertainment, following of safety protocols and alerting the owner in case of emergencies, etc. I have found that most animals really like me and that this is mutual as I love animals and am very empathetic towards t.hem.
Offer 18/12/2018 18/11/2019 1 24.00