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Activity Description Type Starts Expires No. avail Hours
"Maths Tutoring"
Hello there! I am a private Maths tutor, having been a Secondary Maths teacher for about 22 years. I am happy to offer help with Maths to people of any age! I have just set myself up to offer online help or am happy to meet in person . I am an exam marker and love especially working with students who are preparing for their Maths GCSE .
Offer 27/07/2020 18/11/2021 1 5.00
Misc. Community
"Collecting used drinks cans"
Does anyone have any used drinks cans at home or would like to collect them on a regular basis? Woolmer Forest Lions Club who do an amazing job in supporting the local community are collecting clean used drinks cans to raise money for their work. We are also looking for someone who is happy to store the cans in their garage or shed until we have enough to arrange for the Woolmer Forest Lions to come and collect them.
Request 15/07/2020 30/04/2021 1 0.50
Misc. Community
"Shopping and errands"
I would be happy to do extra shopping for Timebank members who are trying to stay at home and reduce their number of supermarket visits.
Offer 19/01/2021 18/04/2021 1 0.50
Misc. Community
"Leaflet dropping"
Nextdoor and Timebank flyers to be delivered to new houses on Louisburg and Duke's Quarter estates (Bordon) in your own time and at your own pace. Street names, exclusions (anybody already signed up) and flyers will be provided at the next Timebank meeting or to your letterbox as required.
Request 04/02/2020 18/12/2021 1 1.00
"Need some bunting for an event?"
Woolmer Forest Timebank Sewing group has made some lovely colourful bunting. If any Timebank member would like to borrow it for a few hours for a family party or a community event., just email us or accept this offer .
Offer 05/02/2020 04/01/2022 1 3.00
"Cafe 1759"
We are offering the use of Café 1759 for meetings and activities with a community or well being purpose. Enquiries are welcome from individuals, newly formed groups or those wanting to start up a new community group and looking for a venue for their first few meetings. Initially our offer is for Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 5.00pm and 9.00pm. After our initial trial we’d be open to discussing use on Fridays and weekends. Please note there is a separate arrangement for hiring the cafe for private parties and commercial activities.
Offer 21/11/2020 21/05/2021 1 2.00
Misc. Computer
"Is anyone willing to share their knowledge of Family Ancestry online?"
Someone in our weekly Computer Support for All Class is looking to learn more about finding out about their Family Ancestry using online programmes. Can you help?
Request 24/03/2021 31/08/2021 1 1.00
IT Support
"IT Helpers"
We are looking for individuals who would like to help others with IT support on computers, tablets, Smart phone or other devices. As well as offering one to one support to other Timebank members, we are working with Whitehill Village Hall offering IT help for a "Computer Support for Everyone" class. You don't have to be an IT expert. Often people who are struggling with IT just need guidance from someone who happens to know how to solve the particular problem they are having right now. It could be uploading a photo to a profile, changing a font on a Word document or learning how to design an event poster. We're also interested in people who would be prepared to lead short online sessions demonstrating specific IT skills. Interested? Accept this request or message us via the Timebank system.
Request 15/07/2020 30/04/2021 1 1.00
Misc. DIY / Gardening
"Garden Jungle Clearance"
As some of you already know I have a mini jungle (well mostly brambles) at the bottom of my garden. It has continued to grow over this year. If anyone would like to take out their frustration of current circumstances on my jungle and help chop it down it would be much appreciated. Blackberries are a bonus
Request 25/09/2020 24/07/2021 1 2.00
Misc. DIY / Gardening
"Garden design"
I have lived with a green front border (4 privet bushes and weeds) not a flower in sight for the past 2 years. This has now been cleared and I have a blank canvas. I am looking for design ideas, planting/plant suggestions that will give me colour for as long as possible over the year.
Request 30/09/2020 29/07/2021 1 2.00
"Gardening tips & advice"
I am very happy to offer my help to members about any gardening tips and advice they would like. This is best done actually seeing what help/advice/tip is needed, socially distanced, in the garden at the property on site. I have gardened all my life so I am happy to pass on what I have learnt over the years and it is such a pleasure that anyone can enjoy.
Offer 22/03/2021 21/06/2021 1 2.00
Misc. Transportation
"Transporting waste to the tip"
I have a Waste Disposal Licence and would be willing to transport garden waste from Timebank members' homes to the tip free of charge.
Offer 27/08/2020 31/07/2021 1 1.50
"Exercise for people with restricted mobility"
I am a qualified dance and movement teacher (I'm the Dance Officer at The Phoenix Theatre & Arts Centre) and I've devised a series of simple exercises which are particularly useful for people who can't get out to exercise during lock down. The exercises are designed for people who need to do chair based exercise or to hold on to a chair for support. I can email them via a You Tube link or if you don't have internet access I have a written version which I can post to you.
Offer 04/05/2020 04/05/2021 1 1.00
Misc. Classes/Lessons
"Literacy/reading support"
I am happy to offer help and support with reading and general literacy.
Offer 01/08/2019 30/04/2021 6 2.00
"Sewing Syringe Driver Bags for MacMillan Cancer Patients"
These bags are used by people with cancer and gratefully received by MacMillan Cancer Support. We supply the instructions and we also have some donated fabric and thread if you need it. Nice task to get on with in your own time at home if you have a sewing machine.
Request 15/09/2020 15/09/2021 1 1.50
"Sew some Bunting"
Would you like to make some colourful bunting on behalf of the Timebank? We loan bunting to community organisations and Timebank members who are organising celebration events. We have one long string of bunting already but would like some more to be made. We have been donated some material and thread and have a basic triangular pattern for you to use. You can do this in your own time. No urgency at all.
Request 25/09/2020 19/05/2021 1 2.00
"Simple sewing and alterations"
I can do simple sewing on my machine such as shortening trousers, hemming skirts, making tablecloths. You provide the material and measurements, and thread if not a standard colour.
Offer 19/01/2021 18/04/2021 1 1.00
Video Production
"Making short video clips"
We are looking for an amateur or professional video maker to help us make a few short video clips to show the value of our work. Can you help?
Request 08/02/2020 30/04/2021 1 2.00
Video Production
"Aerial Photography"
I use a small drone for aerial photography, whether photos or video. I use this for producing videos of landscapes and coastlines, but it also fun to produce videos of friends enjoying a walk in the countryside, or of their house and garden or in any other creative way. If you would like to try having a video produced for you, imagine how you would like this to look and give me a call to discuss.
Offer 30/09/2020 29/07/2021 1 2.00
"Local shopping"
I'm willing to help with shopping.
Offer 07/11/2019 30/05/2021 1 2.00
"help with heavy shopping"
I struggle with heavy shopping. I would appreciate some help once a month.
Request 02/03/2021 01/03/2022 1 1.00
General Errands
Can run errands locally
Offer 07/11/2019 30/06/2021 1 1.50
Willing to undertake ironing
Offer 07/11/2019 30/04/2021 1 1.50
"Simple cooking"
Can undertake simple cooking
Offer 07/11/2019 24/09/2021 1 1.00
Misc. Timebank Help
"Share a recipe with us for our monthly newsletter"
Do you love cooking? Why not inspire other Timebank members by sharing a favourite recipe in one of our monthly newsletters? Earn half an hour's time credit for taking the trouble to do this.
Request 04/01/2021 04/01/2022 1 0.50
Timebank Events
"Time bank help"
I can help with promoting Timebank.
Offer 07/11/2019 30/04/2021 1 1.50
"Looking to speak to Timebank members who have past copies of national magasines"
I have developed a scheme called "Rolling Back the Years". It helps people with dementia rekindle memories from their past. I would like to meet Timebank members who have copies of old national magazines (1930s - 1980s) that I could use for this project.
Request 27/09/2019 30/04/2021 1 1.00
"Errands on my bike"
I use a bike to get around town. I have a large bicycle basket. I'd be more than happy to run short errands for Timebank members. Couldn't do your weekly shop but if you need something taken to the Post Office or a pint of milk I could help.
Offer 03/05/2020 03/05/2021 1 1.00
Willing to chat.
Offer 07/11/2019 30/04/2021 1 1.00
"Table Tennis"
Anyone looking to play table tennis and met new friends? Looking for people who are interested in playing, chatting and having fun at the same time. We could meet at bordon cafe 1759 and have refreshments afterwards obviously only 2 people can play at a time but we could alternate. All will be done inline with Government covid guidelines.
Offer 23/09/2020 22/07/2021 2 2.00
Anyone looking to play tennis? Looking for partner to to have a hit around with at the BOSC. I know we have to pay for the court but the costs could be split between us. All will be done inline with Government guidelines.
Offer 23/09/2020 22/07/2021 1 2.00
"Bordon Fun Day in August 2021"
I am in need of a child's Paddling Pool for a day in August. This is for Blackmoor & Whitehill WI's stall for the Bordon Fun Day in August. The pool can be rigid or inflatable!
Request 10/04/2021 21/08/2021 1 6.00
Cats and Dogs
"Dog walking"
Any dog lovers out there? Would a Timebank member be willing to walk my dog every now and then whilst I am out at work? I live off Hogmoor Rd.
Request 27/08/2020 31/07/2021 1 1.00
Use of Vehicle
"Extra Rubbish for the Dump"
Anyone who has some extra rubbish that needs taking to the Bordon Waste & Recycling Centre, I might be able to help you out. If whatever it is will fit into the boot of my SUV, then I'll be happy to either add it it to my own rubbish (usually garden rubbish in a bag) or make a special trip for something that won't go in the bin.
Offer 07/01/2021 31/12/2021 1 1.00