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Activity Description Type Starts Expires No. avail Hours
Misc. Community
"Leaflet dropping"
Could you enjoy some exercise by delivering Nextdoor and Timebank flyers to new houses in the town? Or maybe you could deliver them in the street where you live? This will help us recruit new members to Nextdoor and the Timebank. If you think you can help, accept this offer and we will get flyers delivered to you. Thank you!
Request 04/02/2020 30/06/2022 1 1.00
Misc. DIY / Gardening
"Help and advice about anything electrical"
I am a retired electrician and willing to give you basic advice about anything electrical. It's best to contact me via as I don't use the Timebank IT system.
Offer 10/02/2020 31/07/2022 1 1.00
Other Advice / guidance
"Computer Aid (Hardware/Software)"
This is an open invitation to anyone who has problems working with their PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone whether hardware or software and would like advice or support in getting going. Sometimes the questions can be trivial or complex, but hold you up for hours. Please be free to make contact.
Offer 30/09/2020 30/07/2022 1 2.00
"Need some bunting for an event?"
Woolmer Forest Timebank Sewing group has made some lovely colourful bunting. If any Timebank member would like to borrow it for a few hours for a family party or a community event., just email us or accept this offer .
Offer 05/02/2020 30/09/2022 1 3.00
Misc. DIY / Gardening
"Gardening opportunity"
Refresh, re-energise and return to a life outdoors! Do you thrive and come alive in nature and beautiful countryside? Would you like to reconnect with the natural world in a unique environment where everyone is friendly, supportive and nurturing? All tools and equipment (and sunscreen!) will be provided, and we have tea and coffee making facilities (with biscuits!) to keep your spirits high. You will need an interest in gardening or a willingness to learn, enjoy being outside and happy to receive guidance from our existing team. For short and long term projects, please contact Rachel on or head over to our website and fill in the form to register your interest:
Request 25/04/2022 31/08/2022 1 2.00
Misc. DIY / Gardening
"Green House and Garden Share"
Lin has very kindly offered her Garden as part of our garden share project and that includes use of the compost and bokashi bins, green house and space for a bed to grow what ever you'd like!
Offer 17/11/2021 30/08/2022 1 0.50
"Simple sewing and alterations"
I can do simple sewing on my machine such as shortening trousers, hemming skirts, making tablecloths. You provide the material and measurements, and thread if not a standard colour.
Offer 01/09/2021 30/08/2022 1 1.00
Misc. Community
"Looking for people prepared to lead short walks"
I'm a volunteer for the Timebank and have offered to organise some new walks for Timebank members. Is there anyone out who enjoys walking and might like to share some local walk routes that we might be able to build into the Timebank calendar of events. Look forward to hearing from you.
Request 23/05/2022 30/09/2022 1 2.00
"Image editing."
You send it and I'll do whatever you want to it and email it back.
Offer 02/04/2022 01/07/2022 1 2.00
"Drone photo of garden or a quick parachutist."
i need somebody with photography enabled drone to take arial pic of my lawn and supply it electronically.
Request 07/05/2022 01/01/2023 1 2.00
Computer Repair
"Playstation 4 wireless controller lost connection."
Playstation 4 wireless controllers lost connection. White light flashes on front. Done Google & Youtube and tried to get the controllers to find the PS4 wirelessly and using a micro USB lead, but to no avail. Am disabled and don't particularly want to pull everything out to check connections etc. Telephone consultation would be fine, at least initially.
Request 07/05/2022 01/01/2023 1 2.00
Misc. Arts and Crafts
"Do plant art/plant sculpture in large Liss garden."
Work with me to create plant art/plant sculpture in large Liss garden. I have ideas, but welcome creative collaboration!
Request 07/05/2022 06/08/2022 1 2.00
Misc. Community
"Waste Prevention Champions"
Could you help Hampshire households reduce their waste? Waste Prevention Community Champions give advice and support to residents by attending events, giving talks, writing newsletters or other means of engaging with their local communities. We focus particularly on food and garden waste as these make up a significant amount of Hampshire's waste and offer potential for households and councils to save money and reduce environmental/climate impact. An interest of knowledge of food/cooking and/or home composting is beneficial but not essential. Full training and support is provided. We ask for a commitment of 30 hours in a year for full time Champions, but if you are interested in giving more ad hoc or specific help please still get in touch for a discussion.
Request 29/10/2021 30/06/2022 1 2.00
"Garden help"
I would love some help with weeding and clearing my garden.
Request 21/04/2021 30/09/2022 1 2.00
Misc. Arts and Crafts
"Broach repair"
I need to replace broken clasp on broach
Request 19/05/2022 30/09/2022 1 1.00
"Take rubbish to tip"
Have various pieces of rubbish that need taking to the tip. Water hoses wooden shelves, metal shelves etc.
Request 19/05/2022 18/08/2022 1 0.50
"Car maintenance/diagnostics"
First, I am not a trained mechanic, just a hobbyist, however I enjoy performing maintenance and repairs to cars as well as trying to diagnose problems within my ability. I’m happy to look at your vehicle, connect my diagnostic computer to scan for faults, advise on repairs, second opinion, etc. A “check engine” light is a worry for most, but an invitation to play for me :)
Offer 21/12/2021 30/10/2022 1 2.00
Misc. Arts and Crafts
"introduction to soldering wire sculpture"
learn basic soldering with an electric soldering iron , and how to form wire shapes r
Offer 29/05/2022 28/08/2022 3 2.00
Misc. DIY / Gardening
"welding repairs minor fabrication "
Im offering welding repair , service
Offer 29/05/2022 28/08/2022 3 1.00
Use of Vehicle
"Extra Rubbish for the Dump"
Anyone who has some extra rubbish that needs taking to the Bordon Waste & Recycling Centre, I might be able to help you out. If whatever it is will fit into the boot of my SUV, then I'll be happy to either add it it to my own rubbish (usually garden rubbish in a bag) or make a special trip for something that won't go in the bin.
Offer 07/01/2021 31/07/2022 1 1.00
Timebank Events
"Write an article about your experience of Timebanking"
Has the help you have received through the Timebank made a difference to you? Or perhaps someone in the Timebank has helped you learn a new skill. Or maybe you have enjoyed helping someone else?. We are always looking for people to write something for our newsletter or a short article to post on our social media pages. If you can help - accept this request or contact the Timebank to find out more.
Request 04/08/2021 30/09/2022 1 1.00
"Looking for People Who Enjoy Going Out"
Now that restaurants, theatres and other venues are opening up again, people are looking forward to spending time out and about. However, there will also be people who want to go out again but perhaps don't have friends or family locally who can go with them. If you are someone who enjoys a theatre performance or lunch out at a garden centre or a shopping trip and would be happy to pair up with someone else so that both of you can have some fun, please let the Timebank know or accept this request via the Timebank IT system.
Offer 23/05/2021 30/11/2022 1 2.00
"Sewing Syringe Driver Bags for MacMillan Cancer Patients"
These bags are used by people with cancer and gratefully received by MacMillan Cancer Support. We supply the instructions and we also have some donated fabric and thread if you need it. Nice task to get on with in your own time at home if you have a sewing machine.
Request 15/09/2020 31/10/2022 1 1.50
Misc. Timebank Help
"Share a recipe with us for our monthly newsletter"
Do you love cooking? Why not inspire other Timebank members by sharing a favourite recipe in one of our monthly newsletters? Earn half an hour's time credit for taking the trouble to do this.
Request 04/01/2021 30/12/2022 1 0.50
"Kindness By Post "
Kindness by post is a national initiative by The Mental Health Collective, Sign up for free to send a card or letter with a message of goodwill to someone else and have someone send one to you, spreading goodwill and warmth across the county. Sign up for free on their website
Request 15/12/2021 31/12/2022 1 1.00
Crocheting / knitting / sewing
"Knit or Crochet a Bee "
Love to knit or crochet? Why not make a knitted or crocheted bee for the Honeypot Charity - the only charity in the UK that provides continuous support for young carers aged 5-12. Locally it is based at Honeypot House, in the New Forest. The charity's mission is to build brighter futures and create happy childhood memories for young carers. The Timebank can provide the crochet and knitting patterns and the address to send them to. Any shape or size welcome! Don't forget to take a photo of your bees before you post them off to the charity!
Request 27/09/2021 03/10/2022 1 2.00
Misc. Community
"Can you identify accessible venues in the Whitehill & Bordon area?"
Whitehill & Bordon Community Trust and Whitehill & Bordon Disability Action Group are involved in creating a useful online community map identifying accessible venues across the Whitehill & Bordon area. Are you interested in getting involved in this project in any way? Contact the Timebank and we can put you in touch with the right people.
Request 27/09/2021 28/09/2022 1 1.00
"Simple cooking"
I am happy to cook simple meals
Offer 18/07/2021 30/11/2022 1 2.00
I live in Farnham but visit the Phoenix and Whitehill village hall for events and would offer lifts to anyone going to the same venue as myself
Offer 31/05/2021 30/08/2022 1 1.50
IT Support
"Geek here to help!"
Here to help with anything in the realm of information technology. Can be anything from email, training, smartphones, surfing the internet, online shopping etc. Just ask and I will see if can help.
Offer 06/07/2021 30/11/2022 1 1.50
"Disposal of a mattress"
I have an old single mattress that I need to get rid of but can't take it to the dump myself as no-one in my household drives. It's currently folded in half and tied with rope so it hopefully should be able to fit in a car.
Request 30/04/2022 29/07/2022 1 1.00
Day Trips
"Help the elderly with a day out"
We are arranging a trip to the coast for our members on 14 September 2022. The trip will include a fish and chip lunch. We need help to push 3 of our members who are in wheelchairs. As most of our members are elderly we are not able to do this from within the group. The trip and lunch will be free and payment to you via timebank hours.
Request 23/06/2022 15/09/2022 1 5.00
"Use of garage / storage needed"
Bit of a long shot really, Just wondering if anyone has any spare space in their garage, we are knocking ours down as part of our extension and looking for some storage of our bikes/lawn mower/ bbq etc, for about 4 months.
Request 19/06/2022 02/10/2022 1 12.00
"Book club "
Just wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a book club. Thinking a week night evening? Let me know if you’re interested and I can arrange times and locations once I know how many are interested.
Offer 09/05/2022 08/08/2022 1 1.50
Misc. Arts and Crafts
Hi Looking for someone to help me learn how to use a skateboard and go to the skatepark with in Bordon. I have watched Youtube vids, but something tells me I would be a lot more confident with face to face help....
Request 17/06/2022 16/09/2022 1 1.00
Other Advice / guidance
"Price Comparison Websites"
I'm happy to help anyone out who is looking to save money on their insurance, utility bills etc. but a bit overwhelmed as to how to search for the best price etc.
Offer 21/09/2021 30/09/2022 1 1.00
Policies, procedures, guidelines
"Transport Planning / Travel Advice"
As a qualified Transport Consultant I can answer questions related to transport and planning policy. I can also offer personalised travel planning advice to help you switch from the car to travelling more sustainably, which doesn't mean sell your car and walk everywhere - could be offering to take a passenger or planning your car journeys to be more efficient, for example.
Offer 21/09/2021 30/09/2022 1 1.00
Other Advice / guidance
"Proof-reading / Letter Writing"
If you are writing something important or completing a form I can take a look over it to check there are no glaring mistakes and/or ensure it is concise and meets the anticipated purpose.
Offer 21/09/2021 30/09/2022 1 0.50
Misc. DIY / Gardening
I have some neglected borders and large planters (suitable for growing vegetables) available to someone who would like to do some gardening. I just don't have the spare time myself. Location - Hogmoor Road, access available any-time.
Request 13/01/2022 31/07/2022 1 2.00